A TALK with illustrations on animated films was given by Mr. Bernard Bareham at the Reading Cine and Tape Recording Society on Monday. Mr. Bareham's flair for drawing cartoon characters was shown in his own film called "Chockered" which was awarded a Gold Star in the Ten Best international film competition this year.


TO make a film on the theme of 'motion' was the aim of all the films shown at the Reading Cine and Tape Recording Society on Monday. This was interpreted by members from steam engines to trick photography. From the 12 films shown one will be selected to be entered for the triangular competition between Reading, Swindon and Newbury Cine Clubs in June.

Cine and tape cup awarded

THE Abbey Cup for the best slide-and-tape show of the year at the Reading Cine and Tape Recording Society went to Andrew Popkin for his "Iceland" a re-creation of a fascinating and unusual holiday in which magnificent scenery was matched by photography of skill and artistry.
Runners-up were Maureen Fargher's "Gates" and Derek Holt's "QE2"
Mr Bernard Bareham and his brother acted as judges, and Mrs. D Noyes, wife of the President, presented the awards.
Members learned with gratification that Mr. Bareham's 8mm cartoon film "Chockered", winner of the club's top award for 1971, had gone on to gain a prize (cash value £20) in the West of England Film Festival.
The final meeting of the year will be a dinner at the Acropolis restaurant on December 20th.


IT is an added bonus if a competition judge is willing to give reasons for his decisions after the event, but Nr Colin Goodall went one stage further on Monday and played a demonstartion tape he had compiled to show the good and bad aspects of tape recording.
The occasion was the annual tape competition of the Reading Cine and Tape Recording Society.
By a count of points, Mr. Goodall awarded thr Grosvenor Cup for the best entry to "Children Playing", a technically flawless presentation of excerpts from a children's concert in the Town Hall by the President, Mr. D Noyes.
Runner up was "Farewell Party", a fantasy playlet by Mrs. Rita Noyes.
An ambitious and professionally accomplished scince fiction episode was entered by Paul Willey, but to the surprise of some it did not gain a place among the first three. Of seven entries, all but two were stereophonic and gave a fine sense of spread and direction.