OBITUARY - Dr. John Montague

During the summer recess Laurie Joyce sent me an email that left me stunned. John Montague had been taken to Battle Hospital after a slight stroke. During his recovery he suffered another more serious attack from which he never recovered.

John was of Canadian descent and lived locally in Caversham. He and his family were very active in St Andrews Church. His wife, Jean, is in the choir and his son is key part of the committee organising the redevelopment of the hall and surrounding areas.

John has been a member of RFVM for as long as I can remember. He loved the club meetings and was rarely absent no matter what the topic. We did not often see films from John but those we saw showed he had a good feel for the medium we all enjoy.

John was usually the first to arrive at every meeting and saw the placement of chairs as his personal role.

He was also keen on bookbinding and had an extensive collection at home. He was very active and still undertook consultancies whenever he was asked and able to help.

John's funeral was held at St Andrews on 31st July 2003. Although I was unable to attend I know a great number of RFVM members paid their final respects to a well loved man. I have written to Jean on behalf of RFVM expressing our sadness and condolences at John's death.

Before his illness he was working with Laurie, Bob and Denis on their "Every Picture Tells a Story" project.

No picture will ever do justice to such a kind, gentle man as John Montague. We will miss him.

Neil Hodgson Chairman