OBITUARY - Stan Olman

As many members will already sadly know, Stan Olman died recently following a heart attack. Stan was a regular club member and a great character. Last season Stan achieved 3rd place in both the Burke Trophy and Currie Cup competitions with his 'Travelling Apples' and 'High Sierra Ballooning'. His ideas and attention to detail showed great potential and it was clear that his enthusiasm towards Videography in general and his support to Reading Film and Video Makers in particular would result in a lot more prize winning entries to come. During the summer Stan was also actively involved in the Club's Newspaper team project. The premiere of which is being shown on 19th November.

Stan had been ill recently and was undergoing treatment. But he still came along to the opening night and whilst he looked very unwell, he was as cheerful and optimistic as ever.

We shall all miss Stan. A great guy to whom it was a privilege to have known. Our thoughts go out to his wife Jean, his family and his friends and especially Stan's close friend and fellow club member Jack Stein.

Neil Hodgson Chairman