THE Reading Cine and Tape Recording Society started their new season on Monday with a grand open evening. The Chairman B Beck from Henley, welcomed old members and a number of visitors to an entertaining session at which a selection of club members showed some of their past work. Doug Noyes (President), Bernard Bareham, Gordon Rowley, John Oates and Ned Fargher contributed films, slide shows and tape recording for the entertainment.


TIM WOOD came to the Reading Cine and Tape Recording Society to show members how to make animated films using plasticine. Tim, an old member of the club himself, is well qualified to talk on this subject. He has won five major awards in National film competitions in 10 years of film making.
He described his techniques which he illustrated with a lump of plasticine and showed again some of his prize winning films to a most appreciative audience.


THE Reading Cine and Tape Recording Society were treated to a demonstration bt Dennis Burke, one of the more technical members, on Monday evening.
Mr Burke showed how he applies a magnetic stripe to an 8mm film, then he recorded a sound track on to the stripe in synchronisation with the film and, finally, he projected a most successful finished product.


WHAT is Widescreen? Mr Tony Shapps of the Widescreen Association, explained to the Reading Cine and Tape Recording Society. It is not the actual screen that is wide, it is the picture.
A special lens fitted on an 8mm camera will squeeze the picture, taking in more all round. When the lens is reversed on the projector, it stretches the picture giving an overall widescreen effect. Mr Shapps illustrated his talk with an impressive selection of his own widescreen films.


A COMPETITION for the documentary presentation at the Reading Cine and Tape Recording Society drew an excellent entry of six films and five slide shows.
A film on the processing of honey, from the comb to the jar, made by John Ward gained the major award which was a new trophy presented by Frank Gear.


UNDER the heading of "Something to Say", members of the Reading Cine and Tape Recording Society were invited to say something about their own special interests.
Mr D Holt explained how he made a slide and tape show about the flood disaster at Lynmouth, and Mr D Noyes showed how he made a prize-winning tape of birdsong, that by varying the speed and tone of the thrush, hr could make it sing a "pop" song.
The evening ended with a film from Mr B Bareham made with an inexpensive supereight camera, which was compared with results from other gauges used by the majority of members.