In an effort to help RFVM members looking for further information on video related subjects we thought it would be useful if we added links to other sites which may be of interest to you.

Christina Fox seminar slides have some useful relevant links for lighting etc:

Free tele-prompt sofware for a laptop to give auto cue facilities.

Free studio for various conversion facilties and many other useful functions

Open Source Free download of 3D animation and modelling -
RFVM logo Lightwave Object file

Open Source photo image manipulator -

For a comprehensive online catalogue for club sweatshirts etc: see

One member found the HowCast site particularly useful. Follow the links under Emerging Filmmakers heading near the bottom of the page.

Further to our recent camera techniques talk, check out these steadycam offers:

proDAD Mercalli Video stabilisation software.

Roger's useful links

Time Calculator

Bulk Rename Utility

Carrara 3D software

Google SketchUp




FastStone Photo Resizer

dBpowerAmp Music Converter

TMPGEnc XPress


Subtitle Workshop


The Freesound Project



RFVM pages on Facebook at

For quality copyright-free music in CD, CD ROM and single track instant downloads format.
Please checkout the online store at
You can preview all of the tracks before purchasing and now, with the single track download section, you have instant access to over 1000 tracks!

Anyone needing Copyright free music for their films might like to consider AKM Music.

A very useful training site is at:

Anyone wanting projection systems, the club has used Reflex in the past.

Anyone interested in animation might find the following useful:
Stop Motion Pro

Each of these has a demo version that is downloadable.

If any members need videos converted or colour corrected, check out GTH Electronics who sell a Standards Converter / Aspect Ratio Converter with Colour Correction and Timebase Correction.

If you need sound effects like buzz, crunch, beep, to enhance your film, then try

or for animal noises, explosions, crashes etc. try:

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