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Have fun making movies!


Welcome to the Reading Film and Video Makers.

We are a group of film makers which includes people just starting in the hobby as well as the more experienced, who come together to show films they've made, swap ideas and socialise.


If you're a newcomer, we offer:

       An introductory course in film making

       A chance to learn and practice skills from others

       A place to meet new people with common interests

       A chat over tea and biscuits!

No need for expensive equipment - modern phones are more than capable of producing high quality video.


If you're experienced, we offer:

       People you can collaborate with on new projects

       A place to enter your films into competitions

       Feedback on your films by your peers


For everyone, we offer:

       Regular talks by people who've worked in the industry - always interesting to hear what the world of film making is really like

       Space to experiment with filming projects


Email us to be added to our mailing list to keep informed of new events.


We meet fortnightly on Tuesday evenings in a church hall in Caversham, Reading, and our 2023/24 season runs from September to June, starting with an "Introduction to Film Making" course.


You can come to a first meeting for free, after that the membership fee is 40 for the year or 25 for just the introduction course (then if you want to stay for the year, another 15).


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We hope to see you soon!


"Bringing Stories to Life, One Frame at a Time"



Chair, RFVM