Films or videos entered for the One Minute and Four Minute competitions must obviously have a maximum running length of those times.
Entries for the Burke Trophy are restricted to a maximum of ten minutes and for all other competitions the maximum running time is no more than fifteen minutes.
For all competitions the running time limit should include all titles, credits, visuals and sound.
Film content should be mainly personally shot video - some stills are allowed - and use of stock footage from the Internet should be minimal.


The winners in Club competitions are decided by a confidential vote of the members present in the audience. Everyone present is given a voting slip. Those who have entered the competition are asked not to vote for their own entry.The voting slip gives guidance and workspace to record marks and space to record the best three films as shown below.

*Sound effects
*Emotional impact
*Entertainment value
*Would you want to see it again? (the acid test)
JUDGING MATRIX GUIDE Mark each section out of 10, ie total available points per film/video is 50
Film/Video Entry Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
CAMERA WORK/TITLING                              
SOUND TRACK                              
OVERALL IMPRESSION                              
TOTAL POINTS =                              
RESULTS Please enter the number of the film for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd not the film name for 1st , 2nd or 3rd places - and NO ties


Any films you would like to nominate for the annual LAURIE JOYCE COMEDY TROPHY?

Number: Number: Number:



The Points Award Cup is presented to the Club member who has accumulated the most points during the current season by participating in club events.

Notes on Scoring


  1. Each Club will appoint two judges who will work as a pair, ie. after viewing all three movies in each category they will consult each other and give a joint score.
  2. The judges DO NOT allocate a mark to their Club's entry.
  3. The movies in each category will run with a short break between them. The total running timne of each club's entries may not exceed 45 minutes.
  4. At the completion of each category the judges will allocate to the TWO movies they are judging
    3 marks for the Best or Winner, and
    2 marks for the runner-up
    The scores are entered on their mark sheets and given when asked to the Chairman who will announce the scores.
  5. The score sheet details the running order for each category and also has space for the marks awarded.
  6. For each movie the score awarded is summed horizontally to give the category winner with the higest mark. These sub totals are summed to establish the total marks for each club. The club with the highest total mark is the winner.
  7. Should a tripletie occurthe six judges, without conferring, shall place in order of merit the programmes of the three c;ubs.
    Should a double tie occur the judges of the club NOT in the tie shall decide the order of merit ot the programmes entered by the two clubs in the tie.


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