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These are some of the members of the 2023/24 season of RFVM:


Brian Hibbitt

I originally joined RFVM at the time that video was just becoming available as an alternative to 8mm film (that dates me!). During my membership I have done most jobs from programme secretary to chairman and although I am less active than I used to be I still enjoy participating in club activities.

Here are a couple of links to films that I have made:

Kathy Gledhill

Excellent amateur still photographer but no experience of video.Not camera shy (been on television three times).Love travelling and adventure.So much to do, so much to see - so little time....

Kevin Baughan

I'm the Programme Manager for RFVM having recently joined the club after a career in telecoms and technology. Very much enjoying the opportunity to progress from holiday videos to more substantive pieces.

A short film from my work in 22/23:

Kevin Waldie

My career was spent in the overseas aid and development sector. My interest in the power of film to bring social change grew initially from using video as a teaching aid at Reading University, and this stayed with me ever since.I recently served as the Chairperson of www.purplefieldproductions, a small charity that supports young filmmakers in Africa.Now (probably) retired, with more time on my hands, I hope to rekindle my own rather rudimentary filmmaking skills.

Pebbles in the Pond:

Belgian Blues:

Oli Seaman

Iím Chair and Treasurer of RFVM.

Keen writer/director/editor of short films, and occasional actor.

See my work at