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A six-week course to take you through the fundamentals of film-making. Through a mix of tutor presentations, group discussion, and practical work you will be introduced to and guided through everything you need to be a better filmmaker - whether starting from scratch or looking for a refresher to boost your confidence.


Price:  £25


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Course Overview

Week 1 - The Production Process

An overview of the production process every film and video goes through, from shooting strategy, to B-roll, to editing. The group will then film and edit a short interview. Footage will be available to download for editing practice at home after the session.

Week 2 - Camerawork Basics

What makes a good shot? Week 2 covers composition, focus, and camera movement and how to use them to tell a better story. Participants will then work in small groups to create shots that tell a story from a series of prompts.


Week 3 - Creative Editing

The third (and final) time a story gets written is in the editing suite. Demonstrations and discussion of a range of techniques for creative editing, to engage your audience and tell the strongest story possible.


Week 4 - Writing and Directing

This week we cover the first time a story gets written - how to develop ideas and write scripts. And the second time - when the director lays their vision over the script to prepare storyboards and create shot lists. Working in small groups, participants will then come up with and explore ideas, with the goal of developing something film-able to shoot in the week 6 practical!


Week 5 - Lighting and Sound Basics

Covering best practice, and how to avoid your film being awful! As well as a range of practice guidance and tips, you will work with real lights to see the effect and impact different setups have.


​Week 6 - Shoot Your Scene!

Practical session, where you put into practice all you’ve learned in weeks 1 - 5! Actors (if needed) will be available from the wider group membership, along with tips, advice, and helping hands when you would like them.