A new award for club competition entries was introduced in September 2003. Stan was a member of the club and after he died his widow offered to provide a trophy in memory of him. The aim of the award is to recognise films/videos which show:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Innovation
  • Technical Excellence


To qualify for the award

Anyone who enters a RFVM competition will be considered for a nomination. If all entries are worthy of a nomination, they can all be nominated. If No entries are worthy, no nominations will be made.

Who can nominate a member for the award?

  • Any past or present President/Chairman
  • any club member (or external invitee) who holds a film/video qualification of at least Master Member, of the IAC or professional body such as the IOV.

2 judges are preferable, but one is sufficient.

Who will decide who wins the annual award?

> The committee will decide from amongst those who have been nominated during the year. The number of nominations for any member does not guarantee winning the award.


  • This award does not compete with or undermine the existing democratic voting system. The audience should continue to decide the competition results.
  • The intention of the award is to encourage the development of originality, creativity, innovation and technical excellence within the club.
  • To be nominated for this award should - just like Film Industry Oscar nominations - be regarded as recognition of personal achievement.
  • Recognising and supporting creativity and technical excellence will help encourage the development of individual members, and the success of RFVM as a whole.