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A Daily Newspaper

Group No. Leader Members DV Camera Digital Editor Link Out
1. Phil Bryant
0118 9679174
David Rogers
Chris Booth
Brian Hodgson
Phil Phil Paper left on table
2. Brian Hibbitt
01344 772215
Mike Stevenson
Laurie Joyce
John Montague
Brian Sargent
BrianH, Mike, Laurie, BrianS BrianH, Mike, Laurie Left in a shop
3. Tony Colvile
0118 9786537
Mike Bartley
Stan Olman
Jack Stein
Mike, Stan, Jack Tony Litter bin
4. Francis Crossley
0118 9475907
Mark Chapman
Chris Harding
Bob Hutchinson
Denis Finch
Francis, Chris Francis, Chris Handing over
5. Peter Marsh
0118 9756387
Bill Alldridge
Terry Blake
Stan Vallis
Peter   Put in bag
6. Mike Wilding
01635 43233
Neil Hodgson
Will Morris
All All Close film to credits

Project Coordinator: Neil Hodgson

No team except group 6 can destroy the paper. Only minor damage can be inflicted in the first 5 segments but not in any way to destroy the format of the newspaper.

Each group can use any story line keeping to the normal acceptable rules of decency.

Each group can keep their theme secret from any other group.

Each group must co-ordinate a shooting link with the following group to keep continuity.

Each team can recruit further members and actors as they see fit.

No film should be longer than 4 minutes.

Rge title film music will be added at the assembly stage. as will all credits and introductions sequences.

The finished film, on mini DV or Digital cam tape, must be presented to the coordinator by the last Tuesday in September for final assembly.

Any arbritation by the Project Coordinator is final!

The newspaper to be used in the project

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