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With a wide range of ages, both sexes, and filming preferences represented in our club, our film Gallery offers a variety of the type of films we make both as individuals and in teams. Some films made by novice film makers, and others by members with decades of experience.

Some films featured have been competition entries appropriate to their category such as documentary, fiction, one minute, or holiday films, and include video as well as animation. Other short films represented here were made for fun and experience during a club practical challenge in just a couple of hours. Event filming can be even more challenging and teams often get together covering subjects ranging from live musical concerts, horse carriage drives, motorsports and pantomimes. Something for everyone.

These are just a sample of our work. Many more of our members films can be seen by clicking on our Youtube channel.

Christmas Toy Run
Christmas Toy Run through Wokingham on 4th Dec 2011 filmed by new RFVM member Anne Massey
5:22 mins

Spoof advert
Franc Genna's first attempt at a 60 second homemade spoof advert for a (non-existent) product that would help all of us amateur filmmakers excel...
It's 54 seconds long, took two hours to set up film and a lot longer to storyboard and edit and came second in RFVM's advert challenge.

History of club
The history of the club
Winning video for the 1-minute advert challenge by Jorge Franca of RFVM capturing the history of the club
1:00 mins
Woodcote Rd - Winter in Caversham Winter in Caversham
Filmed in Dec 2009 in Caversham by Laurie Joyce and 3rd in Documentary club competition
5:58 mins
Mind games

Mind games
Brain surgery and sports do mix. A short comedy created for Virgin Media Shorts. By Neil Morin, Roger Cavallaro and Daniel Zurawski.
2:19 mins

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