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Commencing on 15th September 2015 - 6 week training course for just £25

Course Objectives

  • To introduce you to the creative and satisfying craft of filmmaking
  • To  enable you to create films with the ‘WOW’ factor
  • To help answer  your specific questions
  • To provide a general background  filmmaking knowledge
  • To welcome you into the RFVM circle of friends
  • To have FUN together!

During the course you will be helped and encouraged to make a short 4 - 5 minute DVD about yourself. This will be screened at the end of the course as a record of what you have achieved and as a way to introduce yourself to other Video Club Members. A Certificate of Achievement will be presented to you at the end of the course.

The course will be held over 6 weeks and will include tea, coffee and biscuits and all the support needed.   You can also be linked up with RFVM club members who have the same equipment, software or filmmaking interests.  This will help you tap into their knowledge, experience, and help answer any specific questions you may have. 

At the end of the course you will be invited to become a full member of Reading Film & Video Makers.  If you do, (and we hope you will) the £25 course fee will be deducted from the £50 annual membership subscription thus giving you full weekly membership right though to May the following year.


  1. Camera craft
      • Different ways of capturing video the benefits and the shortcomings of different cameras
      • Knowing your camera – focus, exposure, zebra patterns, back-light, spotlight, artificial gain,
      • Framing and composition, rule of thirds, camera angles, shot sizes,
      • Crossing the line,
      • Stability and movement (what’s good and what’s bad), shooting for editing
      • Creating impact.
  2. Audio
      • Automatic gain,
      • Use of microphones, and getting good clear sound,
      • Using music and sound effects
  3. Lighting
      • Automatic white balance,
      • shooting in difficult conditions,
      • basic 3 point lighting set up
  4. Post Production
      • Choosing software editing program and starting to  edit
      • Titling
      • Creating a professional looking and sounding DVD
  5. Other useful knowledge and Course review
      • Benefits of club and IAC membership,
      • Copyright issues
      • Writing a script
      • Any questions not answered.

Please let us know:

  • If you are interested in joining the course.
  • If you can’t wait and want to get started making films now!

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Laurie talking to 2014 course members

2013 students with certificates

Laurie presenting 2012 students with course certificate

Laurie presenting 2012 students with course certificate

Laurie presenting 2012 students with course certificate