2019-2020 NEWSLETTER

11/03/2020 Carl gave a comprehensive presentation of the things that are involved with the production of a film and its associated script. After the tea break, Carl had a Q&A session with a number of interesting questions from members.
Anne talking to Carl in the tea break

04/03/2020 Two greenscreen sessions were set up to record different scripts in the two halls.

The setup in the small hall The setup in the big hall
Jonathon and Anne filming a scene Filming another sceneAnne preparing Hira for another scene Anne preparing Hira for another scene

26/02/2020 Eight entries for the 1-Minute Caversham Cup and 2 emtries for the Burke Trophy competitions. Eric and Andy gave a critique on each film and they decided that none merited a nomination for the Stan Olman award. A speeded up film of the group shoot in the church on Saturday was screened after the mini shields were presented, a tie for two films winning the 1-minute competition. Summary stills are available.
Brian and Anne shared the prize for winning. Anne presented Oli with the Burke mini shield

The group shoot finished filming in the church on Saturday.
Adam Dave and Leon discussing details with Andy Director Andy studying the framing for a scene

19/02/2020 Andy gave a brief outline about his script writing career and about an option he got from BBC, but nothing got to be filmed, except for club competitions. He projected a script on the screen, and with much enthusiasm set about improving it to make it more dramatic. After tea Brian gave a very slick presentation of some of his career starting in 1995 when the club got a lottery award and Don and Laurie were invited to film a live TV lottery show. He outlined other work and a summer project Caversham Remembered which sold over 1000 VHS tapes to help the club finances, Other films his BVS company made involved subsidence in Reading and his IPN worldwide printing events.

12/02/2020 Alex gave a very interesting talk about the problems of filming helicopter medical incidents in the cramped space of the helicopter, audio and consent among many. He screened one incident called impaled in which the doctor didn't have a gopro camera while the battery was being changed after the preceding incident. Therefore there were none of the gory close up bits. Alex gave commentary and answered the many audience questions during pauses in the screening. A very different sort of filming experience not many of us have to cope with.
Alex talking to Sarath in the tea break

05/02/2020 Four entries for the holiday competition. Mike Hammond and new member Nick Long gave a critique on each film but made no nomination for the Stan Olman award. Summary stills are available.
Oli presented Brian with the mini shield

29/01/2020 Ex member Gabi gave us a technical presentation on light and various camera settings for temperature etc. The big hall was used to manage the equipment Gabi used in her talk. She finished early so there was plenty of time to socialise in the extended tea break, particularly as several members who haven't attended meetings recently were present including a new member's first visit.
Gabi talking about her camera view on the screen Gabi talking to Alan and Mark in the tea break

22/01/2020 Last night two teams tried copying shots from movies, Dan and Eric set up a special lighting scene while Leon and Jordan using tracking on Chas at a table. Leon used flashing lights for atmosphere.
Andy and Frank Tracking shot on Chas
On Friday Tony helped ex-member David film the Twyford panto The Jungle Book and on Saturday Pete helped Tony film the Datchet panto Babes in the Wood. This suffered from a variety of technical and human failings which will give Tony an editing challenge.
Pete in the interval

15/01/2020 Only three entries for the documentary competition. In Oli's absence Anne ran the meeting and Brian had to do the honours of presenting the mini shield as Anne's film won. Alan and Jordan did the critique after tea. No nominations were made for the Stan Olman trophy. Summary stills are available. Film makers were asked to talk about the problems they had while making the films. Sophy and Eric talked about the walk with Buster, Chris talked about the London Christmas lights, and Anne, Jonathan , Pete, Eric talked about the cycling club Breeze. Audience comments made suggestions for improvements.

Brian presented Anne with the mini shield

08/01/2020 Andy had the actors talk through the dialogue explaining the scene aspects. Leon then projected various storyboard sketches. Audience comments highlighted aspects of the mystery or suggestions for variations for the absence of gravestones at the church. The filming will be done in daytime, and adjusted for night time which poses an interesting challenge.

Dialogue talk through Testing camera angles of 'congregation'

18/12/2019 Oli, David Salisbury and Chas entertained four teams of members with some quizes. In previous years the questions have been projected onto the screen, but this year only David's audio clips used the system, so anyone with poor hearing had to rely on team-mates to understand the questions and answers. There were plenty of food contributions and some drinks which were consumed between each quiz. Chas distributed some 'prizes' to the winning team. Copious leftovers were taken home so no wastage.

11/12/2019 Several advert films from the earlier practical were screened, and then the 6 entries for the summer project competition which made for a late tea break. Summary stills are available. David Salisbury and Jonathan gave a critique of all the films, and made no nomination for the Stan Olman award. Anne had to go to Scotland for family reasons so wasn't available to recieve the mini shield.

04/12/2019 Alan gave an interesting presentation about 4 years of his career with the BBC with amusing anecdotes illustrated with photos and a few video clips from the 1980s. He had to cope with the complexities of transmission of outside broadcasts using the technologies of the day more than the recording of the action. He was proud to be involved in the production of an Irving Berlin musical and a Wogan TV show.
Alan talking to Leon in the tea break

28/11/2019 Seven entries for the Currie Cup competition. Two films made at an earlier practical were screened - THE NECKLACE by Anne, and CHESS by Oli. Brian and Chris Grace gave a critique on all the films and nominated Leon's 1000 MILES music video for the Stan Olman award for technical excellence. Summary stills are available. Sophia was asked to look after the Gateway trophy till next October as hers was one of the films which help us win.
Leon won the Currie Cup Competition Sophie will hold the Gateway Trophy on behalf of the club

20/11/2019 Richard gave a very interesting presentation about his filming career involving weddings and corporate work. He started with camcorders and finally moved to DSLR cameras. He slowly built up his supporting accessories with tripods, a slider, gimbal and a crane, plus a variety of quality lens and lights. He has yet to master a drone! His many screened clips exemplified his talent for cinematography especially with his films of behind the scenes for weddings and other events.
Richard talking to Jim in the tea break

13/11/2019 At least three groups were involved in filming their advert.
One team filming their advert

06/11/2019 The large hall was used for script presentations and discussions. Andy, David Salisbury, Leon, Anne and Oli were the chosen few to talk. After an early tea break, Andy's idea was voted the one to shoot. Discussions for the Film an Advert next week took place. Oli announced that the item must be in a bottle.

30/10/2019 With about 10 visitors and several course members becoming full members, we all squeezed into the small hall for the Gateway competition. Roadworks in Reading caused several people to arrive late. All nine films were screen, the 3 for the open category were screened after a tea break with some extra cupcakes. Oli and Anne put the judges scores onto the flip chart to discover Reading had won the competition. Anne as previous chair presented the trophy to Oli who then invited comments about the various films. Tim explained the judging system and gave a vote of thanks for the refreshments and hospitality.
Anne presented Oli with Gateway trophy Tim explaining the judging process

STORYLINE STAINES The Last Unicorn - 7 mins   3 3 6
READING Stagestruck - 6 mins 2   2 4
BOURNE END Save that Tree - 2 mins 3 2   5
DOCUMENTARY STAINES Surrey Canoe Club - 3 mins   2 2 4
READING The Longest Village in the Country - 10 mins 3   3 6
BOURNE END Isle of Man TT Races 2019 - 9 mins 2 3   5
OPEN STAINES Mount Pilatus - 6 mins   3 2 5
READING Dog Days - 2 mins 3   3 6
BOURNE END Bobbin' around in the Chilterns - 6 mins 2 2   4

OPEN 5 6 4
TOTALS 15 16 14
JUDGES   Anne Massey
Brian Hibbitt

23/10/2019 Four groups practiced shooting scenes/sequences in the halls. The frequent laughter suggested a lot of fun.
Group practice capturing simple scenes Group practice capturing simple scenesGroup practice capturing simple scenes

16/10/2019 Dan demonstrated directing tips by filming several takes of a short fiction scene involving two people. With camera on a dolly track he started with a full scene view, then after tea did some close ups.
Camera on dolly track to shoot the full view scene Preparing for close up shots

09/10/2019 Dan presented useful information about scripts and script-writing in the small hall. After the tea break the audience was put in groups to suggest a story using a character and situation on a pair of cards he handed out. Some of the groups outlined their stories to the audience.

02/10/2019 Again we were oblidged to use the big hall to allow another group to use the small hall. Daniel gave an interesting presentation on lighting for an interview using a camera feed to a TV and the projector, which also had a feed from his laptop. Oli and a few members went to view the church next door for script ideas for the group shoot. After tea break, Dan discussed audio capture.
Lighting presentation in the big hall

25/09/2019 To accomodate the church arrangements with a different group, we set up kit in the main hall so they could use the small hall. Dan continued with the course, discussing cameras and their controls. After the tea break, students practiced using their cameras.
Dan with a student during the tea break after his presentation Dave discussing cameras with course students

18/09/2019 An encouraging start to our new season last night with Oli in the chair. It was wonderful to see so many returning members after our long summer break, and a special welcome to our new members who joined us for the start of the 6 week "Film Making" course. Many thanks to member Daniel Brant who talked us through a really interesting presentation which involved filming a short documentary of Andy as a writter, with the camera images being projected on the screen and a TV. Daniel covered The Production Process ie script planning to shot list planning, then shooting and edit. After the break, Daniel then demonstrated the edit process, and by the end of the evening a short film was complete.  Looking forward to part 2 next week.
The session began with Anne receiving a tankard for her stint as Chair and Programme coordinator. Her film came 3rd in the SoCo Top of the Clubs. Brian's 1 minute film "How Smart are You?" won the SoCo Baby Dolphin competition, with Oli's Cupboard film coming 3rd.
Anne studying the words on her tankard