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2010-2011 NEWSLETTER

30/08/2011 A team of cameramen covered the Road Club Carriage Ride at Yattendon on 14th August.
A pair of greys starting the ride

The last coach leaving the yard



24/07/2011 A fair turnout for the bbq/picnic for member's families and friends enjoyed the sunshine social near the banks of the River Thames. The gathering included a big crowd of Venezuelan people, friends of Carlos and Jorge.
Francis, Jorge, Carlos jnr and Carlos, Brian and Franc seated. Ian , Laurie, Alan, Brian and various partners Carlos jnr with Carlos & Jorge cooking

16/07/2011 Tony and Francis and Janet attended the premiere showing of the Brass For Africa BWCB 26 March concert DVD at the Open Learning Centre in Bracknell where the BWCB rehearse. Each cameraman was presented with a bottle of wine and the showing was very well received. Sales of the DVD have covered the duplication costs, so any further sales will benefit RFVM and the Uganda charity - contact Tony to buy the DVD. Dave was on holiday so unfortunately missing the event.

27/06/2011 Tony took John, David and Karen to Newbury and met up with Jill to film the Kennet Valley Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers attempt to beat the world record for the Making of the Newbury Coat on 25-26 June 2011. Sadly the record was not broken, but the weather was good and it was an enjoyable if rather arduous event and one which was a very worthwhile learning experience.
Tony and Jill filming at the Newbury Coat Event Karen waiting for a sheep to be shearedAlbert of the Guild of Weavers being interviewed by Jill

04/05/2011 The AGM followed the usual format. No new nominations for Chairman, so Laurie is prepared to do another year. Franc Genna, Jorge, Carlos and Alan Bunce were elected onto the committee with all but Geoff of the previous committee being re-elected. After the AGM business, Jorge's 60-sec advert was shown again, along with one by Ian and then members watched Caversham Remembered (made in 90's). There seems to be a strong interest in three summer projects - theme: Berkshire Life.

27/04/2011 Some excellent entries for the advert challenge competition. Being only 1 minute long, the top three entries were screened again and discussed. Two are now on YouTube. Jorge was presented with a mini trophy by Laurie. Franc then showed several short films extracted from YouTube. Brian was presented with the Currie Cup as he was absent from the Premiere evening.
 Jorge and Laurie Brian receiving the Currie Cup from Laurie

20/04/2011 A disappointing turnout for the practical advert challenge, and some members expected a Don Fairservice evening. As he was absent at the Premiere evening, Brian Sargent was presented with the Abbey Cup by Bernard and he was both surprised and honoured to be awarded it. Soon those present were capturing footage for their adverts, while others were shooting them doing it.
Those present at the premiere evening on Friday enjoyed an excellent meal and film show with the annual trophies being presented by Bernard to the winners who were attending. As Laurie was working in Australia, Neil hosted the event.
A photo gallery is available.

Bernard presenting the Abbey Cup to Brian

12/04/2011 Due to confusion of dates, our guest speaker was absent. Instead Roger screened the Italian Wedding and an earlier summer project Take Note which caused much hilarity. After the break Francis screened an old The End of the News to illustrate how he used random clips to make a story - a regular competition event at Surrey Borders. Finally Spring Park Film Makers (the winning film in the N v S competition, Southern heat) film Unfounded Rumours was screened followed by a 'making of' it.

05/04/2011 Roger gave a detailed technical talk about using Adobe Encore for authoring DVDs and described some of the pitfalls he had encountered. He also demonstrated DISCUS from magicmouse.com for labelling CDs and DVDs and the case covers.
The first piece from the BWCB Brass for Africa concert COPLAND TRIBUTE is now available on YouTube. The first piece WADE IN THE WATER from the 2nd half is also available. It is surprising what can be achieved with consummer camera equipment.

30/03/2011 Members welcomed Dave and Jan Watterson who had judged the Bournes cup entries, and after screening each, they gave much valued critique. They nominated Ian's Afterlife for the Stan Olman award for it's creativity. Summary stills are available. Jill also presented Phil with a certicate for the best film from RFVM at the Sutton Coldfiield competition. Jan presented Tony with a framed certificate for the website being shortlisted and finally presented Phil with the shield for winning the open competition.
Laurie announced the success of Tony, Francis and a past member Dave Robson who filmed the Brass for Africa concert in Wokingham on Saturday and which might get the club some income from sales of the planned DVD.
Jill presenting Phil with certificate Jan, Phil and Dave with Bournes shieldJan presents Tony with website certificate

23/03/2011 Graham and Jeremy from the Staines club showed us some films to illustrate comedy. The ripples of laughter from the audience suggested that they succeeded. Jeremy also explained about a 10-to-4 competition they hold in their club and illustrated it with two examples.
RFVM suffered the loss of some equipment from a burglary in the church hall at the weekend, but with some improvisation, all the films were able to be screened.
The results of the IAC website competition are available. RFVM were shortlisted out of 36 entries.
Congratulations to Phil for his BIAFF success with A Gentle Woman - 4 stars and sponsors award.

16/03/2011 Members enjoyed experiencing using various camera movement aids and most found them not easy to control. Some of the resulting footage was screened though some of the media used could not be handled by the projector system. It was a fun practical evening.
Experimenting with a track dolly Phil with his crane Experimenting with a track dolly

Neil and Tony gave a premiere screening of the Hurst pantomime on Sunday at the village hall and it was well received. The sale of DVDs gives a welcome boost to club funds.
Tony and Brian attended the Staines interclub competition on Friday and sadly our entry did not feature in the top three from a total of 10 films. Surrey Borders asked if they could borrow it to show some of their members!

09/03/2011 Jorge gave an excellent presentation of various aspects of YouTube with 'The most Watched', and 'Most Impressive' and also the Insight statistics. He covered how to upload and had an online link so the audience could suggest what to see.
On Friday Laurie and Phil gave an evening presentation about amateur vs professional film making at Staines with a demonstration of what Aftereffects can achieve. They were each given a bottle of wine for their efforts.

02/03/2011 Only two entries for the fiction competition so the judging was done with the audience in 4 groups to decide on a winner and to present a brief critique, The Stan Olman judgement will be decided in committee. Summary stlls are available. Below Phil receives the shield from Laurie. After tea the groups did a similar analysis of an international winning amateur film.

23/02/2011 Ian gave members an interesting treatment of music in films involving old clips with music removed and also music without visuals and suggestions invited for type of missing music/pictures. Earlier several members visited the Broadcast Video Expo 2011 which was considered very worthwhile.

16/02/2011 Geoff gave a very technical presentation about lighting, colour and brightness, and how it relates to cameras and films for broadcasting. The number of questions suggested that some of the audience understood the details of what can be done in post-production with some editing systems using waveform monitors and vectorscopes.

09/02/2011 Members enjoyed a talk by Tom Hardwick who showed the sort of kit he takes with him for his Sony Z5 camera when shooting a wedding - 2nd camera; lens hood; wideangle converter; radio mics; 160 led light; light sphere; L-bracket; audio recorders etc. He illustrated his work with various clips of weddings and discussed some typical problems and some of the special slowmo and fast moving cloud effects he uses. His personality made for an interesting evening.

02/02/2011 Seven entries for the documentary competition. Summary stills are available. Simon and Roger were the Stan Olman gurus and decided that all were very good, but none were worthy of a nomination. They gave the audience a very helpful critique on each film. Below, James receives the winners plaque from Laurie.
Tony and Francis attended the North Vs South competition final near Orpington on Sunday - Our entry came 5th. They also filmed a concert on Saturday night. It was an interesting learning experience.

26/01/2011 Simon gave members a comprehensive description of various legal aspects of trademarks, logos, copyright etc, and the number of questions from the audience reflected the interest in the subject.

22/01/2011 Members and guests enjoyed a pleasant meal at the annual dinner at the Reading Golf Club. Ian provided some music beforehand, and afterwards everyone mingled together to puzzle over a pictorial quiz and general chat.

19/01/2011 Nine members of Surrey Borders club visited us and screened an interesting variety of films made in the last ten years, finishing with an American dramatization of a script written by their club chairman Rita.
Last Thursday Neil and his team (Geoff, Roger, Tony, Pete and Jorge) filmed the Hurst Pantomime Babes in the Wood which went quite smoothly.

12/01/2011 The new year started with the holiday competition with 4 entries. Summary stills are avaialble. Neil and Brian were the Stan Olman gurus and decided that none were worthy of a nomination. Phil receives the winners plaque from Laurie.


15/12/2010 Members and guests enjoyed some mulled wine and Christmas nibbles after watching the only entry for the summer project competition. Summary stills are available, also a photo gallery of the making of. Below Pete receives the shield from Laurie. Tony's film from last week's exercise was screened, and Phil showed a few clips from YouTube. Simon presented a quiz and dispersed some prizes for the winners and losers. Gorge and friend Carlos cooked some Venezuelan pancakes which complemented the spread of other food.

08/12/2010 Seven members braved the cold to meet in Reading to film the Christmas lights, and then enjoyed a warming social drink in the Oracle.

01/12/2010 Phil gave an insight to several films with very human stories, which were discussed with the audience.

24/11/2010 Tim gave members an interesting insight into making docummentaries about emotional and sensitive subjects. He illustrated his talk with clips from a trilogy of BBC One films: Evicted, Jobless and Bust. He also introduced Jackie and Andy who were part of the Jobless treatment and who gave us comments from their perspective. Jackie is the daughter of member Terry. It was also good to see Roger out of hospital again.


17/11/2010 Jan and Dave started their presentation with the well-known clip of I Know My Place and then they posed with Laurie in similar style to illustrate how appearances can immediately convey characteristics of people in a film. They then illustrated what for some film-makers is a natural instinct, how camera angles and framing can convey dominance of one character over another or otherwise. Direction of movement can also indicate emotion. Brian did well operating the projector as Geoff's wife was in hospital as was Roger, and Phil was still feeling poorly. We wish them a speedy recovery.

10/11/2010 Four entries for the Novice competition and 12 for the 1-minute competition on a variety of media. Simon and Brian were the Stan Olman gurus and decided no film merited a nomination. There was only time for them to critque the four novice films. Summary stills are available. John announced that members were invited to attend Don Fairservice's review of the results of the challenge set for members of the Bristol video club next Tuesday, which clashes with our special guest speakers meeting!
Howard wins the Burke trophy Ian wins the Caversham Cup

03/11/2010 Francis presented an interesting selection of films to illustrate the sort of films created by members in the club since 1994. Neil announced that the club has been asked to film the Hurst pantomime again and has formed a team for the Babes in the Wood event in January.

27/10/2010 Members enjoyed an interesting talk from Rodney of the Casualties Union - the history and the work done for training the Fire Brigade, Mountain Rescue etc, providing up to 190 bodies for a simulated plane crash. Steve volunteered to have his arm wounded, and Brian was given a fake black eye. Lots of questions and still photos reflected the enthusiasm of the audience.

20/10/2010 Members welcomed several visitors from Bourne End and Staines clubs for the triangle competiton. Once again Reading won, so Laurie presented the trophy to Geoff as a past chairman and one of the clubs films was his. The visitors were impressed with the smooth running of the evening and the spread of food at the interval.
Geoff receives Gateway Trophy from Laurie

STORYLINE STAINES Lord Staatchi’s Big Idea
(4mins miniDV 4:3)
2 2   4
READING Sidewinder
(11:19mins BluRay 16:9)
3   3 6
BOURNE END To Whom It May Concern
(7mins miniDV 16:9)
  3 2 5
(13:46mins BluRay 16:9)
2   3 5
BOURNE END Monet’s Garden
(6mins DVD 4:3)
  2 2 4
STAINES Sunbury Regatta 2009
(15mins miniDV 16:9)
3 3   6
OPEN BOURNE END Messing About on the River
(2:15mins miniDV 4:3)
  3 2 5
(3mins miniDV 4:3)
2 2   4
READING Between Ourselves
(3:49mins DVD 4:3)
3   3 6
OPEN 5 6 4
TOTALS 14 17 14
JUDGES   Geoff Addis
Phil Martin

13/10/2010 Julia, with over 20 years experience of finding film locations for TV, delivered an interesting talk about some of the difficulties she has encountered. She discussed finding the appropriate house and train locations used in the Reggie Perrin series. Phil illustrated similar difficulties by showing his I Just Knew film and Brian challenged the audience with a quiz of the equipment needed for a shoot at an airport.

06/10/2010 Members enjoyed seeing eleven entries in the first competition of the season with HD and BluRay much in evidence. Summary stills are available. Nice to see an entry from a new member too. Phil and Roger wer the Stan Olman gurus and decided none of the entries meritted a nomination. They gave a valuable critique of each film. Below shows Brian receiving the mini shield from Laurie. Some results of last week's practical were also screened.
Brian wins the Currie Cup competition

29/09/2010 Lots of cameras were much in evidence for filming sound bites for the club website. Some of the footage was screened at the end. James had his laptop so he did some editing of clips from various cameras.
Roger's group Brian's group James editing captured footage

22/09/2010 Groups discussed some filming tips after viewing several YouTube clips about a dolly effect using two legs of a tripod; adapting a tripod for a steadycam, and others. Teams and plans for next week's practical were also established. Geoff then gave an interesting overview of sound considerations before demonstrating the effect of good lighting with the help of newcommer Elaine, projecting the camera image of her onto the screen under various lighting conditions.

15/09/2010 The season opened with 3 prospective new members and a brief demo of the website preceded discussions with the newcommers about their needs. Drinks and nibbles helped make the event a social opportunity to catch up with friends. A UNICA Italian film was screened and discussed.

23/07/2010 The updated new look website was uploaded successfully with only a few minor hitches, most of which have been resolved.

16/07/2010 At the recent committee meeting the new season's programme was progressed and the web site revision (with the new logo) by Laurie, Roger, Brian and Tony was discussed and it was agreed to publish it as soon after the summer course ends as is practical even if some of the archive material may not have been converted to the new style.

















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