With a wide range of ages, both sexes, and filming preferences represented in our club, our film Gallery offers a variety of the type of films we make both as individuals and in teams. Some films made by novice film makers, and others by members with decades of experience.

Some films featured have been competition entries appropriate to their category such as documentary, fiction, one minute, or holiday films, and include video as well as animation. Other short films represented here were made for fun and experience during a club practical challenge in just a couple of hours. Event filming can be even more challenging and teams often get together covering subjects ranging from live musical concerts, horse carriage drives, motorsports and pantomimes. Something for everyone.

These are just a sample of our work, and are changed on a regular basis. Many more of our members films can be seen by clicking on our Youtube channel, or indeed to our video archives link.

RFVM channel

A Clapperboard in use with the Making Of the wine advert Hillbilly Moonshine

The Smarterphone

The Smarterphone
Joint winner of the 2016 Club Bernard Bareham Award for Fiction. The Smarterphone stars Yvonne Wan in a creepy tale of a smart phone so intelligent, it won't accept anything less than total compliance. Written, directed and edited by Andy Jones.
6:28 mins

Guernsey Girls

Guernsey Girls
Joint winner of the 2016 Club Bernard Bareham Award for Fiction. Short documentary at Lacey's Family Farm.  High Wycombe, UK, 2015
11:27 mins

HopeAsia Burma Cycle Ride The HopeAsia Burma Cycle Ride
This video made by Ben Shakeshalf covers a more in depth study of the HopeAsia cycle ride through Burma, supporting it's Burmese orphanage.
9:15 mins

Escape Escape
This film by Karen Cripps won the RFVM club 4-minute competition in 2014.
4:05 mins

Headache Headache - Fiction Film
This film by Tomasz Franek, came 2nd in the club fiction competition, and was also nominated for our Stan Olman trophy for innovation.
The best way to cure a headache
1:39 mins

Floods in Reading

Floods in Reading, Berkshire, England 2014
A brief look at the flooded River Thames around Reading and Caversham, showing the power of the river.
1:06 mins

The Turning of the Screw

The Turning Of The Screw - Documentary
This film, by Geoff Addis, won both the Documentary and Open competitions in 2013. It captures the process of installing an Archimedes screw as a turbine to generate green energy from the river at Mapledurham House, Berkshire
14:47 mins

A Gentle Woman

A Gentle Woman - Fiction
This film by Phil Martin, whose speciality is fiction, won our fiction category and also best film of the year in our 2011 season. It went on to win 4stars at the BIAFF Festival. Well done Phil.
14:03 mins

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