A good turnout for the first practical using the church hall for the first time this season. 16 people made use of the space in the hall. Social chatting to begin with and camera detail discussions and finally two filming sessions
Sophie, Chas, Andy and Brian discussing camera details Charles and Oli filming Oli's actor friend (socially distanced!)

Members filming against a black screen Members filming against a black screen

08/09/2021 A good attendance for the start of the new season with 17 members who listened/watched Howard's presentation about his career and drama films.
Howard Perry

22/09/2021 15 attendees for Joshua's talk about script writing. He was in the US and confused about the various time zones but joined at 8:20 full of apologies. Questiions from the audience kept him talking till after 9:15.
Joshua Mims talking about emotion in scripts