22/06/2022 A good attendance for the brief AGM and the 7 films for the Best of the Year competition. A few questions about the finacial accounts and then the films were viewed and voted on. Each film was discussed before the results were announced together with the results of the Comedy competition. Informal meetings in a pub were suggested for the summer break.
Some of the attendees

08/06/2022 A good attendance for Dave Gregory's presentation of the filmanize software package. He used an example script to demonstrate the facilities for controlling the processes for planning the shooting of the film with specified details of actors, props, schedules, locations etc. Questions suggested that the audience were interested in the topic and some were intending to try and use it.
Some of the attendees

11/05/2022 More than a dozen members attended the screenimg of the 7 entries for the two competitions. Each film was discussed with responses from the film makers.
Members at the meeting

27/04/2022 15 attendees including a possible new member listened to Ben's talk about film festivals with amusing advice about what to do and what not to do with entries. Chas filmed the event and Dave captured the audio. There were lots of questions which occupied the time after the tea break.
Ben talking about film festivals Ben with members during the tea break

06/04/2022 Nine attendees watched and discussed the films for the two competitions. Only one entry for the Burke Trophy so no vote reqired to decide the winner. Three entries for the 1-minte competition. Chas then showed a short film made using his recent purchase which he had used on his long selfie stick on his motorbike where the stick was not visible.

23/03/2022 Two teams setup green screen equipments to capture footage for their scripts using both halls. Attendees included a possible new member.
setting up equipment in big hall Chas filming Andy
Anne and Chas filming AndyBrian and Oli preparing audio kit
Oli with Charles filming Brian in small hall

09/02/2022 Ten attendees at Charlotte's talk about creative processes for film making. She started by asking what filming experience members had and then mentioned the term logline and a few members offered some examples which contributed to a fairly interactive discussion. It covered Who wants to see the film? and location, cast, practicalities and what to do with the film after creation. Oli was unavailable so David hosted the meeting which closed at 9:55pm.
Charlotte Atkinson talking Attendees

23/02/2022 Not one of our best meetings in the hall with only seven members attending to listen to Hassan. There were technical problems getting the audio to work with the usual expertise not attending. Tony filmed the presentation at Hassan's request, and the show eventually started with the screening of his film Zaara which he then talked about and answered a few question from the audience.
Hassan talking

09/02/2022 Jim gave a very slick presentation on the free sofware he used to create his ageing film Rip Van Wrinkle and how he did it. Sadly only 7 attendees at the meeting.
Jim at the zoom meeting

26/01/2022 Eleven members including a new member attended the competition film screening for the Documentary and Holiday trophies. Three films for the Documentary and 2 for Holidays. After the screening comments from the audience were discussed and the film maker talked about the making of.
Most of the attendees

12/01/2022 Nine members attended Damien's presentation which included 2 short films made using footage from NASA for stories in space. He is very keen to get good audio in his films.
Damien Donnelly talking about his films about space

15/12/2021 Ten members attended the online Christmas quiz evening meeting with David, Brian and Chas displaying quiz questions for us to answer. Some members found the questions difficult but there was no shame in getting embarrassing low scores. Oli had technical problems with his camera so we couldn't see whether he had a Christmas jumper on! The social chat was good fun and a pleasant evening meeting which finished about 9:30pm with the usual farewells and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Attendees during the quiz
01/12/2021 Ten members attended the online screening of the Currie Cup club competition films. There were no entries for the animation competition so that will be held lster next tear when there will have been more time for members to progress their animations. Only three entries for the 4-minute competition which were viewed by attendees using YouTube links put in the chat window and voting happened after all three had been viewed. Discussion about each film followed with comments from the film maker. The meeting was closed about 9:30pm after Oli announced the result of the voting.
Attendees with Peter absent

17/11/2021 Twelve members attended the talk by James about the work done at Hillingdon TV for the community and charities. It was a comfortable number so the small hall was used with some social distancing.
James Carson-Kerrigan talking to Oli in the tea break Members using the small hall

03/11/2021 Sadly only 10 members attended the meeting in the church hall, using the large hall for social distancing. A technical problem with the projector which failed to light the bulb delayed the start of the meeting. Getting the audio to work also contributed to the delay until Karen produced a mini speaker to work with the previous old perojector. Karen then spoke about her experiences with 48 hour competitions and screen 2 films, ESCAPE which had been shown at the club previously in 2014 which won thw Currie Cup. The second was IRON HEART. Daniel then talked about tips for doing a 48 hour challenge, and finally Eric screened stills and clips of the Making Of his sci-fi film.
Dan talking about 48 hr competitions in the large hall with the old projector and screen

20/10/2021 Eleven attendees at the meeting listened to Ronika talk about script writing. She She covered topics for Story Structure - Character, Pacing and Emotion; Table Reads - every draft to highlight dialogue issues; Rewrites - a maximum of 4; Practice is everything. She invited questions about 9pm and they took another 20 minutes before Oli ended the meeting.
Ronika Merl
A good turnout for the first practical using the church hall for the first time this season. 16 people made use of the space in the hall. Social chatting to begin with and camera detail discussions and finally two filming sessions
Sophie, Chas, Andy and Brian discussing camera detailsCharles and Oli filming Oli's actor friend (socially distanced!)

Members filming against a black screenMembers filming against a black screen

22/09/2021 15 attendees for Joshua's talk about script writing. He was in the US and confused about the various time zones but joined at 8:20 full of apologies. Questiions from the audience kept him talking till after 9:15.
Joshua Mims talking about emotion in scripts

08/09/2021 A good attendance for the start of the new season with 17 members who listened/watched Howard's presentation about his career and drama films.
Howard Perry