14/11/2018 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT.
Our first competition of the season, the 4 min film, attracted 7 entries. Being an open subject, the films ranged from comedies to documentary and even a marketing advert.  Brian and Ryszard offered critique. Jim won overall with an amusing film featuring his grandson with a vacuum cleaner. (you had to be there!). Jim's second entry, an AV about 100 years of war,  was nominated for the Stan Olman trophy. Anne and team came 2nd with "A Thorny Encounter", and Ian 3rd with a holiday/documentary film.  We had a few minutes spare, so each film author was invited to speak for a couple of minutes about the backstory to their films. An interesting evening. Well done to all the film makers. Anne
Jim accepts the Gateway trophy from Anne Jim wins the Currie competition

07/11/2018 Oli led the session which outlined half a dozen scripts for consideration for the Shinfield filming event. Chas took the minutes and audience votes for each of the possible scripts. Footage of a quick walk through of the theatre facilities was screened at the end.

05/11/2018 Brian and Tony travelled to Bourne End for the Gateway competition against Staines and Bourne End, which Reading won. The judges marks were not displayed, simply the winners in each category and overall winner were announced.

READING The Picture
STAINES The Miracle on the Mantlepiece
STAINES Blaentrophy Meadows
BOURNE END Cookham Flooding
OPEN STAINES The Start of the Big Day
BOURNE END Train of Thought        
READING Sudden Death
JUDGES   Brian Hibbitt
Tony Colvile

Brian receives the trophy at Bourne End

31/10/2018 Four teams were fully occupied filming their different scripts, one finishing off last weeks efforts. Not too many halloween props in evidence, but BLOOD and VAMPIRE was in some dialogue,
Dave, Kiri, Oli and Chris involved in their script Dave, Kiri, Oli and Chris involved in their script

24/10/2018 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT.
Putting in to practice what we learned last week, about shooting dialogue, a fun evening last night  with 3 crews recording short scripts written by David S, Oli and Len.   What everyone learned is just how quickly time goes, when you only have 2 hours to shoot a 2 page script!  We look forward to seeing the results either at our first competition night coming up  soon, or at a non- competitive evening in early December. Well done to everyone who took part. Anne
Chas filming two Sophies Chas filming two Sophies
Jonathan and Harpreet filming Jordan and Pete Len and Gillian filmed by Kiri with Ryszard holding boom mic

17/10/2018 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. Week 5 of our course, and Daniel covered the technicalities of setting up for a fictional script. Tom played a surveillance detective and myself a lady whose husband was cheating on her.  We sat on opposite sides of a table, lit appropriately with 3 point lighting, whilst Dave held the boom mic just out of shot, rotating it between the actors.  Leon filmed and Daniel directed. We ran through the script 6 times, doing our best to repeat the words exactly the same (hard!), covering the wide shot, over shoulder shots x2, then close up x2. Daniel explained the importance of doing ALL the shots in one direction first, before moving the lights to the other side, otherwise to it would be difficult to replicate the lighting successfully and it may show up in the edit. Finally close ups of a couple of props as useful cutaways. Daniel will share the footage for those who want to try to do the edit. Next week, the end of our course, we will do a similar exercise with other short scripts in teams. Anne
Master shot with camera view projected Dan describing the setup for two people talking shots

10/10/2018 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. My thanks to past member Gabi who returned to present an evening based on Composition. It seems that the "rule of thirds" is just the start, and rules are made to be broken...... if for good reason. Gabi demonstrated composition techniques using many examples of film clips not only on position, but also depth of field, colour, angle and light, all used creatively to draw attention to the main subject in each frame. Anne

03/10/2018 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. My thanks for a very entertaining evening from Windsor based film Director/Producer Gulliver (Gully) Moore. For such a young filmmaker he has done loads! Gully shared some of his short pieces made for commercial TV as well as online adverts. He stressed the importance of collaboration with good people to get the best results, and gave a few tips getting the shots he wanted. Amongst his "celebrity" talents for commercials, were top footballers and The Stig. Lots of questions came from the audience. After the break, we watched 3 short comedy films, some written by Gully, others directed by Gully. We were all particularly amused to see Brian Blessed making a loud appearance towards the end of one film "The Dragon". Asked how he managed to get Brian to take part, Gully replied "I sent the script to his agent, and just asked. He loved it and said yes!".
Two more new members joined us again tonight, including another lady.  The ladies are taking over! I asked Tony to take a photo of us all together.
Gully talking to Tom in tea break Ladies in the club with Gully Ladies in the club

26/09/2018 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. My thanks to Daniel for another very well prepared and interesting presentation last night, continuing our Introduction to FIlmMaking. He covered camera basics, and also "What makes a good shot?". Things to consider are Focus, Exposure, Stability, Composition, and of course, does the shot "tell the story?"  A few more 60 second Introductions from another 4 of our new members, confirms that we have a lot of talent joining the club, many scriptwriters amongst them. I am especially pleased to welcome another female last night, that makes 3 new ladies. Fab.
Leon, Sophie and Oli were also presented trophies and certificates from the recent IAC Southern  Counties Dolphin and Baby Dolphin competitions. Well done guys! A great result for Reading. Anne
Oli with 2nd prize certificate in IAC SoCo Dolphin competition Sophie and Leon with Baby Dolphin and Dolphin IAC SoCo trophies/certs

19/09/2018 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. A fabulous start to our new season last night. It was wonderful to see so many returning members after our long summer break, and a special welcome to our NINE new members who joined us for the start of the 6 week "Film Making" course. A mix of experience and talent, with script writers, documentary makers and others just getting started. A huge thanks to member Daniel Brant who talked us through a really interesting presentation with some excellent hand drawn storyboarding graphics too. Free storyboard software is available. Daniel covered The Production Process ie script planning to shot list planning, then live recording of a few short clips with David New as his "talent", projected for all to see on our large screen. After the break, Daniel then demonstrated the edit process, and by the end of the evening a short film was complete.  Looking forward to part 2 next week. Anne, CHAIR
There was a good turnout of members and ex-members at Laurie's funeral today. Anne read a poem and Brian a tribute.
Dan explaining aspects of editing

02/09/2018 CHAIRMAN'S CHAT. It is with great sadness that I share the news of the death of longstanding RFVM member, and past Chair, LAURIE JOYCE. On behalf of the membership I offer condolences to Laurie's family. Whilst so many film clubs around the country struggle to maintain a healthy membership, Laurie helped grow the club from around 12 members, when he joined, to around 40. Many of the members, including myself, joined the club via Laurie's  "6 Week Introduction to Film Making Course", then stayed on to become full members, continually adding to our knowledge of the craft of filmmaking. Due to illness, Laurie was delighted that RFVM member Daniel Brant was willing to take over the running of this excellent course last year, and Daniel will continue with a further course this year, starting 18th September. Laurie will be missed by so many, and his legacy will be his kindness, and encouragement to share his passion for filmmaking. He will be remembered often with happy memories,  as members compete to have their name engraved on a new trophy which Laurie presented to our club at the AGM in May. The Laurie Joyce Comedy Trophy. Anne Massey, Chair